Jet Toro
SI 104
Easy Jet
SI 100
Jet Deck
SI 100
Lena's Bar
Peggy Toro
SI 100
Hijo The Bull
Prescott Peggy Joe
SI 85
Credit Card Blurr
SI 83
Princeton Pride
Cee A Cash Plan
SI 86
Sir Cashanova
SI 100
Plan Cee
SI 91

Toro The Blurr, is backed by a family of industry leaders! His sire, Jet Toro (SI 104 AAA) is by Easy Jet (SI 100 AAA). Jet Toro (deceased) was not only a barrel and race horse sire, but the sire of the 2004 heading horse of the year. Jet Toro was also a full brother to Easy Six and Easy Toro. Both are sires of several NFR horses and futurity champions.
Toro's dam, Credit Card Blurr (SI 83 AA) is an own daughter of the legendary speed horse sire Murrtheblurr (TB) and a great grand daughter of the immortal Dash For Cash (SI 114 AAA) and Game Plan (SI 95 AAA x Easy Jet).
Toro is a former stallion of O’Donnell Quarter Horses. Unfortunately, in the early spring of 2013, he was injured in a freak breeding incident and is no longer a stallion. However, he is still running barrels and has adjusted well to being a gelding.
Toro is no stranger to the barrel arena and has made a winning name for himself. He took home his first saddle at our local 2007 barrel series in Whitehall, Montana, as a five year old. During the spring of 2009, Toro earned his first AQHA points in barrels while in New Mexico with our son, Cody. Our daughter, Amber, rode Toro in several barrel races and rodeos in Montana throughout the summer of 2009. Toro is well patterned and very honest. In the summer of 2013, he clocked 18.3s on a standard set.

His colts are currently being proved in the barrel pen. Toro's first colts hit the ground in 2006. They are showing all of Toro's great attributes.  Look for his 2009 daughter, TM Frosted Blurr in the 2014 futurities, as well as the other remaining Toro The Blurr colts we are offering for sale.




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