Printers Prestige
2001 Grey
#X0593229 - (For Sale)

“Promise” has been one of Cody’s main riding horses for the past 10 years. We purchased her as a yearling and she was one of the first horses Cody broke. This mare has blessed our family with some incredible times and memories.
This mare may be the kindest horse we own! She may not have the star studded pedigree, like the rest of our broodmares, but this mare has proved to us, time and time again, her worth as a broodmare.
Promise proved to have speed, heart and a strong willingness to learn. Promise was a barrel horse prior to being retired in 2012. She is broke, broke, broke, however, we are selling her as a broodmare. She is expecting her first foal in 2014!

Prestigious Promise
Quincy Prestige Joe Quincy


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