Name G Sire Dam Maternal Grandsire
Streakin Ladys Man C Finish Line Express Bugsie Wind Shawne Bug
TM Blurr Afire C Toro The Blurr Angel Fire Flit Fire Water Flit
TM Sundown Streaker C Finish Line Express Gay Bars Joe Frost PC Joe Frost

Streakin Ladys Man

"Siegel" is a stallion prospect deluxe. He has a hip that won't quit and substance like no other. This colt is a partnership foal between Cody and our dear friend, Sue Goozen. Cody and Sue co-own the dam, Bugsie Wind, and have been in love with everything the mare has put on the ground. Not only does this guy have "the Look", but he is the genetic package with AAA speed top and bottom! Shawne Bug continues to be one of the leading broodmare sires. If you are looking to get into the breeding business, don't let this guy pass you buy!

Finish Line Express Streakin Six Easy Six
Miss Assured
Design Express Merridoc
Charger Bar
Bugsie Wind Shawne Bug Lady Bugs Moon
Shawne Win
Hopeful Wind Hopeful Venture
Baby Boone

TM Blurr Afire

“Flame” is a thick colt that has a pedigree that screams barrel racing! The Fire Water Flit line continues to put winners on the ground and has repeatedly proved to be a leading maternal line. His sire is a proven barrel horse and barrel horse sire. This colt has a keen head and is really quick.

Toro The Blurr Jet Toro Easy Jet
Peggy Toro
Credit Card Blurr Murrtheblurr
Cee A Cash Plan
Angel Fire Flit Fire Water Flit Flit Bar
Slash J Harletta
Brendas Angel Tiny Charger
Misty Angel

TM Sundown Streaker

“Sundown” is the product of one of Amber’s former barrel horses, Gay Bars Joe Frost, and our AAA stallion, Finish Line Express. This filly has a set of drivers underneath her and can really scoot. Her maternal line consists of the great Sun Frost and AAA NFR sire, My Leroy Brown. You won’t find many bred like this filly. Programs are built around mares like this!

Finish Line Express Streakin Six Easy Six
Miss Assured
Design Express Merridoc
Charger Bar
Gay Bars Joe Frost PC Joes Frost Sun Frost
PC Dox Gemini Rose
Leroys Gay Bar Cindy My Leroy Brown
Gay Bar Lisa

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