Final Line Fencing

Simply the Best Horse Fencing

Virtually Maintenance Free! Installs Easily!
Remains unaffected by exstream temperatures (-40F to 120F) and sunlight.
High-density, Low expansion 8 Gauge (4MM) Monofilament
Breaking strength is 1,250 lbs. Safe, strong and flxible
Streches up to 20% and bounces back Wire Free - will not rust
Maintains apperance year after year Lightweight (7 times lighter than wire)

Wildlife Friendly!

Final-Line is made from a high-density, low expansion polymer monofilamet material Spool of Fencingthat is safe, strong and flexible. Its unique construciton provider a wide range of benefits, as listed above.

Provide secure fencing in any environment, with Final-Line, from paddock to pasture. Its flexibile construction provides a safety advantage for your horses and livestock. Made from a synthetic monofilament, Final-Line stretch up to 20% and bounces right back to its original shape! Unlike steel wire, Final-Line does not conduct electricity or alter it's shape in extreme tempatures. Final-Line is available in two colors, white and black. Both optimize visability for you and your animals. With a reliable long life, Final-Line is virtually maintenance free. Once stretched properly, Final-Line's special high tenacity, low elongation plastic ensures tension stays in the line. Unlike steel wire, Final-Line does not require yearly stretching, thus reducing annual labor. It is easy to install, easy to handle and lightweight.

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