In 2012 Cody took a couple of O'Donnell Quarter horse fillies to Arizona for the winter to invest further training into. Cody is currently working at Montana Equine, out of Logan, MT. He also rides a few outside colts and keeps busy starting the O'Donnells colts and aiding in the horse breeding sector of the program.

Cody aspires to promote his family's horses in the barrel futurity world, too. The O'Donnell family has been very blessed to develop a dear friendship with professional barrel racer, Judy Myllymaki. Every spring the O'Donnell family hosts a Judy Myllimaki barrel racing clinic at their ranch.
"I would really like to train and ride some of our colts for the barrel futurities, and Judy's methods are crucial in achieving that goal. But, ultimately, I would like to develop an arsenal of barrel horses for Amber to take down the road and rodeo on," says Cody.

"We feel very honored and fortunate to have met Judy and have been exposed to her successful barrel training methods. Amber has experienced huge leaps of success in her barrel racing career, upon incorporating Judy's methods into her training regimen. Cody, too, has gotten a taste of what is to be expected of a successful futurity horse after riding with Judy. The knowledge and wisdom this woman has imparted upon our children is priceless to the insurance of our future success in this industry," states Tim.

2013 has blessed the O'Donnells, with yet another member to both their family and breeding program. Amber is engaged to their future son-in-law (and brother-in-law), Josh Pulst, originally from North Dakota. They will be wed on the 6th of July at the O'Donnell ranch. Josh has been a dream partner for Amber in her barrel racing endeavors. He has put in countless windshield hours driving Amber to barrel races all across the state along with being her dependent video/camera man and supporter. Josh works for Liberty Insurance and is an avid hunter. Aside from being a key player on the O'Donnell's marketing team, Josh enjoys bow hunting throughout MT and the United States. Following their wedding, Josh and Amber plan on settling in the Gallatin Valley, while campaigning several O'Donnell Quarter Horses.

Keeping up with their horse operation, is a constant, never ending task. However, as a family, the O'Donnells have made a competent team, capable of accomplishing this task. Nevertheless, O'Donnell Quarter Horses doesn't take complete credit for being simply a family affair, as they have several friends and supporters that share their talents to further promote the program. more...