"We couldn't become remotely recognized without the talents of our photographer and web designer, Chasya Roberts, of Blue Jean Photography. Her efforts are endless in making our visions a reality. Personal friend and business partner, Sue Goozen, is always ready to lend a helping hand in making videos for our sale horses or lending a truck/trailer at a moments notice.

"Both these gals are great at what they do and we are thankful to call them both friends and have their cutting edge talent in our advertising venues."
"I am very blessed and thankful to not only have a strong supportive family, but to have a team entirely committed and dedicated to our family owned business. By allowing God to be a partner in our business, He has truly blessed our lives with the horses we raise and ride, as well as with the many friendships we have made through our horses," says Tim

"Being in the horse breeding business is a huge financial investment; however, for me, it has been an investment in my family, an investment for generations to come."

The O'Donnell's have a wide selection of horses for sale at all times ranging from weanlings to started prospects. The O'Donnell family extends a welcoming invitation to anyone who would like to visit the ranch and see their horses firsthand.