"Purchasing Finish Line Express was another milestone in our breeding program. It was a definite financial commitment, but a once in a lifetime opportunity; an opportunity the whole family was on board with and in agreement upon," says Tim.

Tim credits the finding of this fine stallion and several of their broodmares to his son Cody, who plays a huge role in the pedigrees sought after by O'Donnell Quarter Horses. "I have always been a big fan of the Streakin Six horses and have always thought of it to be a line that has never gone out of style. Many barrel racers have ridden Streakin Six horses to the NFR in the past decade," says Cody.

With Finish Line Express, siring a $100,000+ barrel futurity horse, the up in coming barrel horse sire received international attention, breeding a mare from Italy in 2009. The O'Donnells were also very pleased and excited to book mares owned by Montana Circuit Finals barrel racers, Mandi Hamilton and Dena Moeykens, as well as successful Montana barrel futurity trainer and jockey, Jon Ottun. Judy Myllymaki is also the proud owner of a 2011 Finish Line filly.

"We can't stress enough how thankful we are to have Jon, Mandi, Dena and Judy on board with our program. There is no greater compliment as a breeder, than to have the confidence of other barrel professionals in our program. We can't wait to see them riding their Express colts in the coming years!"

With their first crop of Finish Line Express foals in 2010, the O'Donnell family was beyond pleased with the caliber of colts sired by their new stallion.

"It is amazing to us, just how much appeal our Finish Line Express colts have. They have a definite race built to them, along with great bone and substance!" says Tim. In 2012, the O'Donnells had the opportunity to ride their first crop of colts sired by Finish Line Express.

"We couldn't be happier with our 2010 Finish Line Express fillies. They have just been pleasant and willing every step of the way. TM Streakin Kitten (now owned by Kathy Getten) and TM Sweet Streak have given us an even higher opinion of Finish Line Express, as a sire. We are anxious to ride more of his colts and get them out into the barrel world," says Tim. ...read more...